About Ecritech

Ecritech was formed in May 2000 by Andrew Woolls-King and Steven Keeping - two electronics technology editors who realised marketing agencies and departments struggled to put over a concise, informative and consistent message when promoting hi-tech products and services.

By virtue of our education, experience and training (for more details see "The People" section), we observed most marketing outfits, while striving to do the best job for their client or company, lacked an understanding of what technical journalists and editors - and, by proxy, their readers - were looking for. They certainly had our sympathy; today's hi-tech products are very difficult for the non-specialist to understand, let alone describe in a language that matches the understanding of the client, the editors and the prospective customers.

We respect marketing people, but recognise that effective content generation about technical subjects is not one of their typical strengths (even though such content is at the heart of a great many technology marketing vehicles – see "Our Services").

Ecritech therefore complements marketing agencies and company marketing departments by offering a specialist service that focuses on producing high-quality technology press releases, articles and backgrounders, or indeed any marketing material that tells readers and target customers concisely and effectively what they really need to know about your company and its technologies.

In our guest section we go into details about how our services significantly enhance marketing efforts by providing the content that forms the keystone of any hi-tech promotional campaign. (Just e-mail for a password.)

Unless you're an engineering or physics graduate; have practiced as an engineer in a hi-tech company; are a trained, award-winning journalist; have spent 15 years as an editor on leading electronics B2B titles; are commercially competent and understand the whole point of marketing is to increase sales, incisive writing about hi-tech is something that's very hard to do. Naturally, marketing firms find it very difficult to find and retain people with these skills.

That's where Ecritech comes in - because that's exactly our background.

Our strengths address the challenges of producing content for hi-tech product promotion. For example:

  • we are qualified journalists and have spent plenty of time in an editor's chair;
  • we know what kind of material editors want to differentiate their titles;
  • we understand today's hi-tech products and the roadmaps describing tomorrow's;
  • we are competent writers (more than nine out of ten of our written submissions are published in the independent media);
  • we enjoy the hard discipline of carefully researching, writing, editing, re-editing a piece – right down to protecting it during approval from "press relations experts" that reside within every company and can undermine its effectiveness through naivety.

If you feel your PR agency or department is unable to understand and communicate your company's winning formula then Ecritech could come to your rescue on either a short- or long-term basis (see "Our Services" for more information or contact us via e-mail under "Contact").